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Here at FD13 we want to make sure children and adults are educated in knowing what to do in case of an emergency. Below you will find some good information that will help aid you in teaching your family about fire safety. Once you have reviewed all the information, Practice! Practice! Practice! So everyone in the family knows what to do if that emergency should ever arise. FD13 is here to answer questions or you can come by the Fire House sometime for a tour and see the fire trucks!


Dial 911

If you have an emergency you’re first and #1 priority is to dial 911. This is so we get help to you As Fast as Possible! Know your name and address.“”

Escape Plans

Escape Plan is a picture of your home showing primary and secondary escape exits that leads to your families meeting place. A Meeting Place is some object such as a tree, neighbor’s house, or building that everyone can get to and is out of the danger area. Once at meeting place make sure you have accountability of everyone in the house.



It is a good idea to have working smoke detectors in the home especially ones that have battery backup. Our recommendation is to test them once a month and change the batteries when you change your clocks twice a year.

Fire Extinguishers

It is good practice to have fire extinguishers in the home. A good extinguisher for the home is a small ABC extinguisher. A water extinguisher is another good one to have around the home.

When using a fire extinguisher remember PASS:

Don’t be afraid!

Remember! We are there to help and don’t run and hide from us even if we do look a little scary with all our turnout gear on. We wear our gear to protect us while we are searching for you and your family.

Protect yourself!

If you clothes ever catch on fire, Remember Stop, Drop, and Roll.
Stop where you are
Drop to the ground
Roll back and forth and cover your face until the fire is out!

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